I was born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia. After my education in Catholic schools run by the Irish missionaries, I studied for my MA in English and DipEd at Australian and New Zealand universities. I taught for several years in my home country before starting my teaching career in Singapore, where I reside. Kuching, a city now, is still a rather quiet place whereas Singapore is a fast-paced, buzzing metropolis.

A fourth-generation Chinese, I am part of the earlier post-war baby boom, born at the time when Sarawak was still a British crown colony. When Sarawak joined Malaysia in 1963, for practical reasons father decided to surrender our British citizenship.

A vegetarian, I like to cook my own simple dishes, steaming my food, or using the pressure cooker as it is really fast and convenient, besides energy-saving. I have made lasagne in a pressure cooker, which is speedy, healthy and tasty. Being allergic to something in wheat – perhaps not the gluten as I can take rye – I use rice-based products often for pasta dishes. I like to create easy recipes so will certainly put up some of them.

A spiritual focus is important to me, so I try hard to devote enough time to meditation and yoga exercises, as well as reflect on life’s blessings, especially on what I have been so fortunate to receive. For this reason, I decided to share my experiences of divine love and healing in my book.

I also use my time to write, go out for walks whenever I can, and proofread for Caduceus, a UK spiritual/healing/health magazine. I must admit that I am not the ideal housekeeper – I wish I were. So my question is: How beneficial is it to devote much time to dusting and cleaning?

I like to travel whenever I can, usually back to my home town to keep in touch with relatives and friends, but also to the UK where my son and family reside. Having good relationships contributes to our wellbeing. Happily, nowadays, we have technology to help keep us in easy contact, across any distance.

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