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Living in Two Worlds: Receiving messages and healing from within is now available in Paperback and Kindle eBook at

Brought up in a conservative Malaysian society, Aileen finally reveals how she has lived in two worlds most of her life, the external and the spiritual one within. She describes how, as a young woman, she was thrown into dark confusion after dabbling with the ouija board, and miraculously received healing for her deep-seated fears from invisible healers. Also, through her gift of receiving spiritual messages, she found herself interacting with ascended great gurus or masters and experiencing contact with deceased loved ones.

True to the mystical nature of her book, we discover later the identity of her rescuers. Was it Jesus whom she saw in a vision? For the wary, she explains how to discriminate between real and false messages and whether there are ghosts and evil spirits.

In gratitude for the help she received, she shares her experience of how we can facilitate our own self-healing, through meditation and the flowers in nature. She also illustrates how God actually works miracles for us in everyday life as He tries to help us and how each of us can cultivate closeness with Him. Drawing on both Christianity and yoga, hers is an inspirational testimony on how, with divine help, we can transform ourselves from being filled with anxiety and fear to a state of calm happiness, through perseverance and faith.

Paperback and Kindle eBook


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